ComputerKeyboard app for learning typing computer keyboard

ComputerKeyboard program for learning typing computer keyboard ComputerKeyboard

                            Version: 9N2CCP66TZV7
This program will help you learn to type without looking at the keyboard - touch typing.

Created to type faster


ComputerKeyboard is a program for learning to type on the keyboard without looking, using all fingers. To do this, you need to improve your motor skills, i.e. precise, intentional finger movements that will automatically press a given letter without visual control.

Touch typing, also known as blind typing, is a way of entering characters on a typewriter or computer keyboard that can significantly improve your typing speed. This method allows you to track the result of the entered character directly on the monitor screen, which completely eliminates the need to constantly look at the keyboard, and also allows you to write by ear, and when copying - without taking your eyes off the notebook. This shortens time and reduces effort.