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how to sit at the computer?

- the chair should be set in such a way that it allows for an upright sitting position, the chair is pushed up to the desk, buttocks are fully pressed into the chair
- feet placed on the floor. Not crossed.
- the angle in the knee joint should be close to 90°
- elbows bent at right angles to the side of the body so that the arm forms the shape of the letter L
- forearms placed parallel to the floor should touch the table in front of the keyboard. You should not shift your body weight to your wrists and lean on them.
- distance from the screen at least 45 - 70 cm (distance of an outstretched hand)
- it is recommended that the top of the screen be in line of sight or slightly below
- the monitor is properly positioned - in a position that eliminates reflections from its surface
- keyboard placed in a straight line in front of you

Working in a sitting position at the computer strains our muscles, strains our neck, hands, shoulders and the entire spine, as well as our eyesight.

The most common office diseases:
- carpal tunnel syndrome
- degenerative changes of the spine, neck and neck pain
- eye diseases
- sore calves, leg muscle cramps, swollen feet, varicose veins of the lower limbs or thrombosis may also appear
- overweight or obese.

Take regular breaks while working
Continuous operation should not exceed 45 minutes.
It is recommended to take more frequent breaks and even do some gymnastics or at least get up and walk around. It's important to change your position.