ComputerKeyboard app for learning typing computer keyboard

ComputerKeyboard program for learning typing computer keyboard ComputerKeyboard

                            Version: 9N2CCP66TZV7

How to start typing?

you start your adventure with ComputerKeyboard with four basic keys. As you progress, the number of keys increases - the time needed to press the appropriate key also decreases. Giving a wrong answer reduces the number of keys. At any time, it can increase the range of available keys.

how to start
Start with the correct hand position on the keyboard - the index fingers should be on the keys with bumps - and the other fingers should be placed sequentially along the line of the base keys.
Also find the extra keys on the keyboard (shift, alt) and coordinate your finger movements with them

Shift - when pressed together with a letter, it allows you to enter capital letters, and with a number or upper character on a key, it enters the second character entered on your keyboard.
(practice the movements of the little finger of the left and right hand)
Make sure the CapsLock key has not been pressed accidentally.

Alt or AltGr - On some keyboard layouts, pressing a key together with another key allows you to enter certain letters, symbols, or language-specific characters.

program keys:
ENTER - start
ESC - Exit
SPACE - increase range

program options:
Exit – exit the program
KeyboardLayuot – keyboard selection
Language - language selection
About – information about the creator

System settings
If you select a different keyboard than the one installed in the operating system, you must add the appropriate keyboard layout.
You can also customize the appearance to your preference by changing the scale or resolution in your system's screen settings

To look at the characters displayed on the monitor by the ComputerKeyboard program, and not at the keyboard, when answering.
always maintain correct posture at your desk when using your computer